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What Do Hippos Eat? Hippo In Water

Hippos are herbivores and their diet consists mainly of grass and some water plants.  Hippos do most of their eating during the night, while during the day hippos spend most of their time basking in the sun on a sandbar or floating lazily in the water with just their ears, eyes, and nostrils, and perhaps their back and top of the head, exposed. 

Hippos will often traverse steep riverbanks at night to graze on grass.   They normally graze for approximately four to five hours each night, covering one or two miles, with extended wanderings of up to five miles.  However, they do not usually venture far from the water.

Hippos lead fairly sedentary lives that do not require high outputs of energy.  Therefore, they have relatively modest appetites.

Did You Know?

> The name hippopotamus comes from the Greek "hippos," meaning horse.  Hippos were once called "river horses," even though they are more closely related to pigs than horses.

Much of the information provided on this page may be found on the following websites.  Please visit them to learn more about hippos and to learn what you may be able to do to help preserve the precious hippo populations that remain.

National Geographic (specifically the facts page provided by "Young Peoples Trust for the Environment")

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